10 reasons to Invest in Bahria Town Islamabad

10 Reasons to invest in Bahria Town Islamabad

10 Reason to Invest in Bahria Town


Why Investors in Pakistan and Abroad love Bahria Town

The fame of Bahria Towns (Phase 1 to Phase 8) has attracted a large number of residents. Foreign investors, businessmen and renters love to choose this location.  People invest in Bahria Town in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.This is an extensive network of beautifully developed Bahria Housing Schemes. It is still developing further and so it is impossible to be excluded out of the best residential and investment locations in Islamabad.


Bahria Town House Prices and Facilities

Download  Bahria Town Park Facilities chart for year 2018

Bahria property and plot prices in phase 1 to 7 have different range as compared to the developing sectors. Thus, the reason being is the standard level of construction and saturation in bahria town (phase 1-8).

Luxurious amenities like mini golf club, opera theatre, horse riding club. Furthermore mini formula one track racing, village scenes, Pagodas, Safari Club, Cinema and schools. These facilities have complimented the lifestyle of residents living in Bahria Town. Still, there are plenty on investment available in the year 2018-2019.These facilities in Bahria phase 1 to phase 7 speaks volume of quality service and delivery of service.

Bahria phase 8, its version of extension and Bahria enclave are not yet saturated and are developing rapidly.Therefore, plots in these new sectors are attracting investors from all over Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Following are the top popular landmarks of Bahria sectors in the map:

Bahria Enclave:

Bahria Enclave is a lavish bahria zone in Islamabad. Located near the rush area of Chak Shehzad, and Park Road. It is also easily accessed from Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Highway. Only few kilometers away from Rawal Dam. 5, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots and houses are available on installments. Prices starting from only 30% as the downpayment in Bahria Enclave. This helps to buy and sell properties in Enclave sector for price of the whole. For the rest of the payment, Bahria Town package provides 2 year installment plan.

In 2018, Plot prices overview for Bahria Enclave is as follows:

  • 5 marla of non-developed plot starts from 3,250,000 Pakistani rupee.
  • 10 marla plot in an initial development location starts from 6,500,000pkr.
  • 8 marla plots in the new booking category starts from the price of approximately 5,800,000.
  • 10 marla plots in new booking installment plan starts from 7,700,000pkr
  • 2 kanal plots in ready possession area of Bahria Enclave start price from 30,000,000 Pakistani rupees.

In Islamabad, Bahria Enclave possession for its first phase has already begun. Enclave development plan has included luxury buildings like 5 star hotels, parks, Cine Gold Plex Cinema (Bahria Enclave Branch), and international standard spa, etc.

Other than commercial opportunities Bahria Enclave Islamabad is developing Great Jamiah Moqsue, 100feet wide roads. Underground network of electricity and gas, international standard schools and hospitals. In the zone of Islamabad, such residence in very reasonable plot prices has been the centre of attention for investors.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension:

Bahria Town Phase 8
Bahria town phase 8

Phase 8 extension of Bahria Town starts right after the boundary of Bahria Phase 8. There are total 6 sectors planned in the map of phase 8 extension but there is very little development in the area for now, which makes this location one of the best investment opportunities in Islamabad in 2018. According to its approved map, Bahria Phase 8 extension is nearby sector 3 of Awami Villa. Rawalpindi development authority (RDA) has also specified the path for Ring Road beside this location, so in the future when Ring Road completes, it will join this phase 8 extension directly with Rawalpindi as a straight and clear path. Due to Ring Road, Bahria Town phase 8 extension will also be connected to Islamabad motorway and New Islamabad Airport.

Like other amenities of Bahria towns, Phase 8 extension will also fulfill residential needs of people like hospitals, schools, spa and restaurants. It also promises luxurious entertainment spots for public use. Another eye-catching feature is minimum 40 feet and maximum 110feet wide roads in the sector 8 extension map.

Residential plots of Bahria Phase 8 extension include 5, 8, 10 and 20marla sizes; they are all available on cash only.

Safari Valley:


Next to phase 8 extension, Safari Valley holds a big patch of land in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. It’s relatively new like phase 8 extension and has been rapidly getting booked and constructed in 2018. Housing schemes like Bahria Homes, Awami Villa, Overseas Enclave etc lie adjacent to its position on the map. Connection with other societies that are ideally constructed as its master plan, make investment in Safari Valley worth taking financial investment risk.

Via Japan Road, it takes about 5 minutes drive to search Bahria Safari Valley. There are around 10,500 total plots in Safari Valley. 30*55 plot size and 25*45 are the most common types offered by the Safary Valley scheme. These 5 and 8marla plots are ready to sale in 2018 in very reasonable prices. Like Bahria Town phase 8 extension, this Valley also constitutes 6 blocks, naming as Umer, Usman, Ali, Abu Baker, Khalid, Rafi, and Awais.

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Awami Villas:

As the name suggests, Awami Villas is another public friendly project by Bahria Town where residential opportunities are given to middle class public. People with lower income want to live in neat and reasonable locations like Bahria Town, so it has launched 6 total sectors of Awami Villas to cater their living needs.

Their management claims to have brought Malaysian infrastructure in order to create low cost houses in Awami Villas that is currently the prime need of Pakistan to reduce its housing crisis. There are single storied 5marla houses available for sale in Awami Villas in 2018 and are only 6km away from main GT Road Rawalpindi, so are among the best opportunities for real estate investment in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Especially, Awami Villas Sector 3 is the most comprehensive ones, carrying over 1000 apartments for renting and selling.

In 2018, the ‘ready to live’ apartment prices in Awami Villas are all above 15lacs; the fluctuation in the price range occurs due to shift of location in the map from economical to premium sectors of this most affordable Bahria territory.

Bahria Rose Garden

Announced as the new project from Bahria Town group, Rose Garden is the newest developmental focus from Bahria. Though, Rose Garden scheme master plan has already been displayed in map, only 5marla plots are being offered in Rose Garden Islamabad, in 2018. The dimension for the 5marla plots is 30*40feet. The prices for develop ready for possession plots in Bahria Rose Garden start from 1,800,000pkr.


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