Blue World City Islamabad

Blue world city islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad


Blue World City Chakri Road Islamabad is surely the fastest growing real estate project in Islamabad. The Location, Map, and Prices of the project outshines every other real estate project in the year 2019-2021.

The mega housing project on Chakri Road was Approved Initially from “RDA” in 2018 -19. Since it’s official launch back in 2018.

The massive housing project called  ” BWC ” holds the key of future success for new property market. Even for the real estate investors in Pakistan. As this enormous housing project is offered by “The Blue Group of Companies” in Islamabad. The developers have partnered with Shan Jian municipal engineering of China. The housing society near the New Airport is also known as Pak – China Friendship project. Rawalpindi ring road and “CPEC” route is also very close to this city project master plan.


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A Brief Video Tour of “BWC” 



The real estate Project is Islamabad Offers different Blocks. A large selection of plot sizes and facilities are available for the customers. Mainly there are four different types of blocks or phases in BWC. 


How Many Block or Phases in BWC?

  • General Block (5-8-10-20-40) marla
  • Overseas Block (7-10-14-20-40) marla
  • Awami Villas (2.5 – 5 ) marla constructed
  • Blue Hills Farm Houses (4-16 Kanal )


General Block in “BWC” Chakri Road was launched in may 2018. As it was the first phase or block launched by Blue Group of Companies and Shin Jian Chinese consortium. The residential project offers different plots sizes and payment plans which are following :

Plot size in General Block are as follows;

  • 5 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal
  • 5 marla commercial
  • 10 marla commercial
  • Blue World City Farms
  • Awami Complex

Installments and Payment Plan in General Block

  • 3- 4 years installment plan
  • Recent price change in Jan 2020
  • 10 % booking discount
  • up to 10 % cash discount available

Blue world city Payment plan General Block 2020

Blue world city Payment plan General Block 2020


The recreation facilities in General Block of “BWC” Chakri Road.

  • Warm & Fresh Water Pools Including Spa Club
  • Sports & Cultural Complex
  • Safari Zoo
  • Pakistan Biggest Water Theme Park
  • Oxygen Park & Lake
  • Safari Zoo
  • Pakistan Biggest Water Theme Park
  • Oxygen Park & Lake
  • Commercial Centers & Shopping Malls
  • Adventure Club
  • 3D I-max Cinema.



Blue world city new price plan 2020

Blue world city new price plan 2020


Overseas Block in “BWC” was launched in 2019.

Due to the enormous success of General Block. Also a large number of interest by overseas Pakistani’s was shown for a dedicated Overseas Block. Overseas Block provides most of the overseas Pakistani’s or even locals who can afford. The idea of Overseas Block was also introduced by Capital Smart City and Bahria Town. The development and construction work is almost 30% done in world City overseas block.

Plot sizes in Overseas Block are as following;

  • 7 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 14 marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal
  • 5 marla commercial
  • 10 marla commercial


Facilities and Features in Overseas Block

  • Up to 120 ft wide roads
  • Bur-Al-Arab replica
  • Blue Mosque Istanbul replica
  • First ever sky walk in Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s biggest water theme park
  • Tourist hubs and attractions
  • Economic zones for business and trader community

Overseas Block Payment Plan 2019

overseas payment plan 2019

Overseas payment plan 2020




Located conveniently on chakri interchange on Lahore Islamabad motorway also known as M2.



Sustainable Development & NOC in Detail

Noc and Planning detail work

As a result of non sustainable development or environmental changes and effects due to the change of landscape. The Population of Pakistan is growing at an alarming pace since 1990’s. making it one of the highest in the world.

Hence this situation is putting Pakistan at one of the fastest growing youth population in the world too. The housing and plots are thought to be a very big issue since it has been neglected for ages.

To keep up with the living needs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, The government devices a plan of planning permission. Any new town or massive project in Islamabad and Rawalpindi requires the blessings of concerned department via documentation.

This submitted documentation is a proof of housing society following the rules set by the government nationally.

Therefore Blue World City was granted the NOC and planning permission in 2018 of 1504 Kanals. Working in accordance with the rule and plans of concerned authorities. A proper mechanism of check and balance is in place like Bahria Town and DHA in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


Construction & Development Work in BWC

Construction and development work

Construction and development work


Architectural design and construction services

Architectural design and construction services in Blue World location makes it fastest growing society of Rawalpindi. Hence becoming one of the best investment locations among best Islamabad housing schemes in 2018.

The mega project is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in 2018. Which means housing society in is legally accepted. Largely by RDA for planning and selling the real estate in this location of Islamabad.

Blue City is a fast growing society in Islamabad and is becoming one of the best investment. Also the locations is among best Islamabad housing schemes in 2018.


Latest and upcoming projects in Islamabad?

Updated 2018

Blue World City is among top discussion stories in Islamabad housing societies in 2018. Due to its recent approval by RDA. As “RDA” has issued the NOC certificate in August 2018.

So the project is yet not saturated yet. Therefore it is one of the best option to make a reasonable investment in residential and commercial sector of Isb.

NOC Approval Status of Blue World

Updated 2019

Other than housing scheme NOC approval by RDA. Housing scheme in Isb is best considered for its nearness to Islamabad New Airport. The project is also claimed by Blue Group of Companies to be a Pak-China friendly city.

Another best development feature is the inclusion of commercial markets. Commercial sector in Pakistan for optimum flow of sales and retail on local grounds in Islamabad city.

This housing scheme is one of the fastest growing housing project near New Benazir Airport. That is why its commercial sector would also favor international business.

The NOC has been issued by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) against the Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019

Initially, the land allotted to the society was around 427 Kanal. Another application was then submitted to get the Planning and Advertising permission for 5,000 Kanal.

This application was under process with the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and got accepted in August 2018. A permission of additional 5,000 Kanal has been granted for Phase 1.

As of now, BWC is waiting for approval of NOC of its extension. Area like its neighboring housing society Capital Smart City.


Blue Group of Companies

Blue Group of Companies and Shan Jian municipal engineering have joined hands together. The real-estate schemes in Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities are normally highly expensive. But in Blueworldcity the development work speaks of its reasonable housing scheme. With addition plan and modern standard of living.

A city for everyone without extra cost. Developers have indeed promised a variety of plot sizes in the blue housing scheme. As a result especially the middle class can afford it easily.

Hence the best housing scheme in islamabad, offers attractive low prices in the region of Rawalpindi and surroundings.

Chinese Architecture in the Mega Project

In this joint venture between Chinese architecture and Islamabad’s heritage. The well designed partnership of Chinese architecture and Pakistani local construction. This technique is creating an outstanding real estate investment location of international standard.


Blue World City Islamabad main entrance

Blue World City  main entrance

Most importantly, The housing project near New airport focuses on creating a community. Which is fit for Chinese settlement in the twin cities of Pakistan in near future.

This connection of Pakistan with Chinese blend of architecture is to boost the commercial growth between Pakistan and China.


Chinese Investment in Blue World City Islamabad

Chinese Investment in Blue World City 

As expected from the business enterprise of CPEC. Also the new housing project in Islamabad sticks to its housing scheme development rules set by government. According to such standards, for example the plans to make Chinese operated water parks, luxury hotels and resorts.

High standard of educational institutes. All these facilities will be delivered as standard in the new housing scheme offering beautiful landscape of Islamabad/Rawalpindi.



  • Blue World City meets Chakri interchange in a few kilometers which extends to all the major areas of
  • chakri interchange on Lahore islamabad motorway
  • Rawalpindi Chakri Road interchange also extends to Thalian interchange.
  • It further meets Ring Road and branches towards Gulberg, DHA, Bahria Town, etc.
  • On the other side of Blue World society scheme, Chakri Interchange goes to motorway directly. Considering the location map aspects.
  • This housing society in Chakri Road is building as a fundamental attraction for tourist. The map of Capital of Pakistan will be updated with new tourist attractions soon.
  • Housing scheme in capital ISB is at a point where the major interchanges meet the most commercial. Besides all top-notch residential areas of Rawalpindi and surrounding areas of ring road.
  • Blue World City map is shown below, as shared by official website




Amenities in Islamabad Housing Project

  • The massive City in Islamabad offers a variety of residential plots based
  • Upon different Marla sets, i.e. 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla plots. Available at a reasonable price for general community of Islamabad and Rawalpindi citizens. Additionally, 20 and 40 Marla plots are also available for the interested investors in the residential area of
  • Islamabad housing Society
  • Commercial plots are also available at very reasonable prices. Including 4 to 8 Kanal land, commercial plaza zones, and farmhouses for sale.


Blue World City 20 mins away from New Islamabad Airport

Blue World City 20 mins away from New Islamabad Airport


  • This Housing society is near to Islamabad Airport and CPEC.
  • Rawalpindi’s mega project is expected to become a primary focal point of millions of Chinese. Who would visit Pakistan in near future.
  • Project offers an extremely notable location for commercial and international business.
  • Therefore complete underground network of the electricity system.
  • Also an electricity power plant is included in the Blue City package plan.
  • Water, gas, and sewerage plants are a mandatory part of Blue World City’s plan. To maintain their quality standard Blue World Islamabad will make sewerage treatment and water filtration plants as well.
  • Vast network of wide roads of about 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 feet are promised by Blue City Islamabad.
  • As a result a flawless transport system will be regularly supervised by developers of massive project in Islamabad.

As there will be good quality surveillance cameras wherever needed in the Blue City. The road network is clearly visible in Blue city map, as provided by the Blue Group of Companies.




Modern Design and Construction of Blue World City

Modern Design and Construction of Blue World City

  • Blue City Islamabad will build a replica design of Istanbul Blue Masjid in its main zone in Islamabad.
  • Filling in the bits of entertainment throughout the Blue City,
  • The Blue Company offers Sports and Cultural Complex, 3D I-Max Cinema, Oxygen Park and Lake
  • Long list of up-to-mark shopping plazas and commercially strong sites of real estate.
  • As one of the biggest attraction for the residents and visitors.
  • Blue World City plans to create the largest and first water park of Pakistan. This mega project of makes it stand out among its real estate competitors.
  • To meet the demand of the residents, project includes hospitals, school, colleges, warm and freshwater pools, kids play area, etc.
  • Last but not the least, a police station to ensure security is also in Blue City map plan.


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Price Range of Plots

  • In Blue City Islamabad, the lowest price of residential area plots starts from 800,000 pkr for 5 Marla.
  • Plots can reach up to 4,500,000 pkr for 2 Kanal of residential plots.
  • Blue World Islamabad offers 4 Kanal of farmhouse for 8,000,000 pkr and 8 Kanal farmhouses for the price of 13,500,000 pkr.
  • Commercial plots are available in the housing society near Islamabad Airport offering reasonable range as well.
  • Blue City offers 5 Marla for 6,000,000 pkr and 8 Marla for 8,400,000 pkr.

NOTE: Blue World City gives an exclusive discount of 10% on all plot prices. For current and retired government servants and widows.

Price Plan in 2018

Past year of 2018 Price plan of Blue World City in Rawalpindi as shown below.

Price plan of Blue World City in 2018


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