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Gulberg Icon 2 is a growing name in best real estate investment sites for business and residence purposes in 2019. It is mounting excellence is due to the range of investment opportunities it has created in so little time. Under a well-planned and organized space. Present in the heart of the famous Gulberg Green in Islamabad, and developed by Ovais co-builders, Gulberg Icon Tower 2 has a shopping plaza on the ground floor. The upper floors carry entirely different maps to handle maximum resident flats in reasonable prices.

Where is Gulberg Icon 2 Islamabad?

Gulberg Icon 2 is convenient for residence as well as business purposes because of its location in the major developing areas of Islamabad. A straight road from Gulberg Icon 2 leads to Gulberg Expy road that directly meets Islamabad Expressway. Towards the opposite end, this Gulberg shopping plaza is very near to Ghauri Town that is another growing name among the best housing schemes in Islamabad in 2019. Within the territory of Gulberg Green, Gulberg Icon tower 2 is situated almost in the center, between phase A and phase C.

Lower Ground And Ground Floor Shops:

The maximum shop slot size in the lower ground floor is 9.6 × 25.3; the floor includes 8 shop slots of this maximum size. The minimum slot size is approximately 9 / 12 feet. There are overall 39 shop slots in this area of Gulberg Icon II. The map for lower ground floor also compliments spacious shop size with wide passage areas, ranging from 6 to 10 feet width and 3 staircase points to exit.

The map for ground floor of Icon Tower Islamabad is similar as designed for lower ground floor. The shop slot sizes are the same as well; additionally, there is an inclusion of 4th staircase areas towards both sides of the floor.

Shop Prices and Instalment Plan?

Gulberg Icon 2 offers splendid pricing for lower ground floor shops, starting from the range of 3.5lac to maximum 7lacs. There are 10% extra charges for front facing or corner shops and 15% extra charges for front facing + corner slots.

The ground floor shop prices are slightly higher than the lower ground floor due to the obvious reason of being in high demand. The price range for Gulberg Icon Ground floor shops starts from 3.8lac to maximum 8.5lac that is only a little different from lower ground. The 10% and 15% extra charges are applied in similar fashion for front facing and corner shops.

For installments, Gulberg Icon gives a flexible stretch of first 10 days of a month for payment. Icon Tower II developers prefer payments only through Cheque Pay order or cash.

Offices Floor:

Gulberg Icon Tower meets corporate demands of the business community by dedicating a full floor for offices. Having an office in such a well known area is a dream come true for a businessman. Ranging from 204 square feet to 440 sq. ft, there are 28 slots for offices on the offices floor.

The floor offices are divided into a central block and side lines with 5 to 8 feet wide passages in a square fashion. The two largest slot sizes of 440 sq. ft. and 370 sq. ft. include 8 total slots whereas the smallest slot is for one office occupation.

Office Floor Pricing:

The office floor of Gulberg Icon 2 has very reasonable prices for corporate purposes. Due to commercial area, Icon 2 is already in high demand so its location is extremely easy to reach. The smallest office price in total is only 2,704,000pkr in total and the prices for the biggest office slots reach up to 5,720,000pkr.

The monthly payments can be as low as only 1% per month for 35 installments. For half yearly installments the percentage payment is 4% of the total value. 10% payments are required each for booking, possession and transfer of the property.

Apartments Floor:

Apartments Floor in Gulberg Icon 2 is a breathtaking offer for residential choices that start only from an unbelievable price of  18 lacs pkr. The apartment/residential floor contain 19 apartments in total. The bigger apartments include two bedrooms with a lounge and baths. Medium sized apartments have one bed and TV lounge in each with attached baths. The smallest apartments are studios. The passages are 6 feet wide between apartments and 12.5 feet wide towards the floor entrance.

The smallest apartment size in Icon 2 is 312 sq. ft. of worth 18lacs in Pakistani rupee. On the higher limit, the largest apartment size is 780 square feet for about 4,680,000 pkr. These ranges are quite touchable by middle class finances, hence are attracting

The apartments are divided into 3 blocks i.e. Gold, Silver and Brown, based upon their size range. The Gold and Silver blocks are further classified into A, B, and C apartment blocks whereas Brown block has all apartments of 312 sq. ft. The upper limit price of Silver section is 3,072,000 pkr.

Mezzanine Floor Shops:

To further glimmer the business aspects, Gulberg Icon 2 offers mezzanine floor shops. Icon tower 2 has a mezzanine floor dedicated for shops, containing 46 slots in total. The most common shop slot size is 171 sq. ft that are 16 in number. The second frequent shop size is 140 sq. ft and the floor contains 7 slots of this size.

The smallest size is 101 sq. ft and the largest size is 332 sq feet that is only one slot. The booking can be done only by 10% payment, with 35 monthly installments or 5 half yearly installments.

Mezzanine floor shop prices:

Mezzanine floor prices range from 1,818,000pkr for the smallest shop to 5,976,000pkr for the most spacious slot. Gulberg Icon II demands 10% extra charges for front facing as well as corner shops and 15% extra charges for front facing + corner shops. If the buyer pays whole at the time of booking, 10% discount on full payment is given. Considering all the heart-warming features of this beautiful investment site, Gulberg Icon 2 is easily among the best investment opportunities.

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