Why Expressway Murree? This article helps understand the property price boom in Murree. This in depth analysis will elaborate the benefits and results for investing in the commercial property sector in Murree. Commercial properties in Murree expressway region have seen a recent boom. The properties in Murree have sky rocketed since the tourism industry started in 1980’s and revived again now. As a result the blend of new roads and access from Islamabad and Kashmir or Nathia Gali have gave birth to new roads big and small. Due to the connecting areas of Kashmir and Nathia Gali  or Abbottabad, which area easily accessible via Expressway now. A recent boom in the tourism sector of Naran and Kaghan and the northern areas, have facilitated the tourist to stop and spend time and money in the outskirts of Murree.

This allows tourists in Pakistan good connecting roads quality restaurants and Hotels in Murree. Bundled with living facilities of modern housing with gas and electricity available 24/7 and wide road. Hence clean neighborhood accompanied with modern facilities,Hotels,Restaurants, Parks Schools and amenities have given new options to the tourism industry in Murree.

The properties in Murree Expressway offers stunning views, and facilities. This is why the region has always been an apple of tourist industry & hoteliers. Since the British introduced schools and colleges in Murree, a large chuck of Pakistani professionals have lived childhood in Murree. As a second home such community have always chosen Murree as a second home away from home.

Due to the recent demand in Murree Expressway a lot of commercial and residential activities are happening in Murree expressway a

Why Murree Expressway

The properties in Murree Expressway are ideal for investment and rental purpose. Prices in the region of expressway Murree are still not as inflated as you find in other areas of Murree like Mall road and Nathia Gali. Murree Expressway is open 365 days a year for general public offering a link road between Islamabad and Kashmir too. The amount of traffic passing through this area of Murree is growing day by day.

Investment in Expressway Murree

Since 2018  the trend of large  hotel and restaurant franchises to buy land in Muree have increased three folds. Almost 90 % of all new properties are being bought in the expressway area. One of the first business in Murree to make a move was Gloria Jeans. Gloria Jeans in Murree started around 2015-16 and since have been a benchmark in the area for business community.

List of Business in Murree Expressway

Among the above business’s which are scattered in different avenues. Real estate business tops all the rest of the business and investments in Murree. The real estate sector has seen a considerable jump of around 300% in last 2 years. The prices of property in a certain area of Murree like Lakot and Danna have increased from 2 Lac per marla to 8 Lac per marla. Whereas in Danna area where famous Gloria Jeans in Murree is situated a property price increase from 5 Lac per marla to 15 Lac per marla now. Murree farms a residential and commercial property project is the fastest growing along with Valley View Residency Murree.

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