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Overview of Communities in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan which is also multicultural, multilingual and the most significant city of the country. With properties in such high demand, Islamabad real estate is the most thriving realty sector of Pakistan. It also has the title of the most developed city in Pakistan real estate sector. The lush green landscapes, the serene environment, the hilly surroundings, the large-scale developments, well-planned infrastructure and an aura of supremacy make Islamabad one of the most prominent and leading cities in the world. Islamabad features a number of breathtaking attractions including Faisal Mosque, Daman-e-Koh, Rawal Lake Promenade, Jinnah-Faisal Avenue Interchange, Zero Point Interchange, Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers and Telecom Tower.

Major Housing Schemes in Islamabad

Islamabad enjoys a secure and high standard of living. Therefore, it appeals higher strata of the society a lot. Right from the beginning, Islamabad properties have always been in high demand. Apprehending the demand of property in Islamabad, The Capital Territory was subdivided into five residential zones. Zone-I comprises of Sector G-14, Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation. The most populous zone in Islamabad is Zone-II that comprises of a large number of well established housing societies. Some other in demand residential societies are E-15, F-15 (Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society), G-15 (Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society), D-16 (Engineers Housing Society) and E-16 (Cabinet Division Housing Society & Roshan Pakistan Housing Society).

If you want to live in close proximity to retail and commercial units, you can choose to live in F-16 (Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society), G-16 (Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society), B-17 (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society), C-17 (New Islamabad Garden), D-17 (Margalla View Housing Society), E-17 (Cabinet Division Housing Society) and F-17 (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society).

Zone-III comprises of Margalla Hills and a few commercial developments at foothill of Margalla Hills. Zone-IV consists of Park Enclave Housing Society, PHA Kuri Road Housing Projects, Bahria Enclave, Gulberg and Lake View Lanes. Zone-V consists of Canyon Views, DHA Islamabad, DHA Valley Islamabad, Al-Hamra, Anchorage and River Gardens. Capital Development Authority also pronounced several areas located at the outskirts of the city as “model villages” and the list includes Humak Town, Rawal Town, Margalla Town, Shahzad Town and Farash Town.

To foster complete living experience and to complement the contemporary lifestyle, the city offers huge shopping malls, entertainment options, picnic spots, leisure clubs, schools, colleges, universities, dining choices, spas, salons, bistros, cafes, cinemas, parks and mosques in close proximity to all magnificent housing societies of Islamabad. You can buy or rent different types of properties like villas, apartments, plots and homes in Islamabad according to your living needs and budget.

Buying property in Islamabad

Islamabad is an international business hub and one of the most spectacular cities in the world that offers secure, healthy and peaceful lifestyle to its residents. If you are a wealthy investor or have plans to settle in the best city of Pakistan and have the capacity to buy property here, investing in property in Islamabad is the best option for you. You can surely find the most appropriate property matching your requirements and needs within suitable budget.

If you are social and prefer community living, you can go for homes or even villas, in case you have ample budget. If you want to enjoy complete privacy, apartments should be your premium option. You can also buy plots to further develop your dream property in Islamabad.

Renting property in Islamabad

If you have short stay plans or do not have decent budget to buy property in Islamabad, you can go for renting option. Living in rental property in Islamabad is the most cost effective option for any individual. Most of the properties are well-established and equipped with all modern facilities and amenities and are available at reasonable rental amounts. You can also go for luxurious rental properties in the best housing communities in Islamabad, if you do not have budget constraints.

If you are wealthy investors, you can also buy properties such as villas, homes or apartments to let to earn steady income forever. helps you in finding all such properties in all areas of Islamabad for free.

The Islamabad real estate market is ripe with a number of investment opportunities. As we know that the federal capital has a beautiful terrain making it a picturesque city boasting all the facilities required for living comfortably and peacefully. These are the main reasons why living in Islamabad is relatively expensive and houses in Islamabad and flats in Islamabad boast high price tags.

Property in Islamabad is sought after by investors from across the country. Even overseas Pakistanis prefer to invest in the city because of the investment security and lucrative returns that plots in Islamabad offer.

This bustling city is no short of commercial property options. Many Islamabad projects offer shops and offices along with apartments and flats. Being the most beautifully planned city of Pakistan, Islamabad has specific areas dedicated solely for commercial activities, leaving residential areas totally free of the general hustle and bustle witnessed in commercial zones and making housing societies serene and chic for living.

Real estate in Islamabad has different options and these options are tagged at different rates. All the developed housing sectors of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are pretty expensive, while there are many new housing societies in the making that offer residential and commercial plots at affordable prices

Recent infrastructure developments in the city have played an important role in increasing the value of real estate. The Metro Bus project has not only increased the city’s infrastructural value, but has also played its role in increasing the prices of properties located along its route. On the other hand, the New Islamabad International Airport is another marvel that is all set to create an impetus for a sharp rise in property value in the vicinity.

If you are on the lookout for investing in the Pakistan real estate market, you should pay heed to commercial and residential projects in Islamabad. This well-planned and beautiful city is home to country’s elite class and bureaucrats and being the capital city of Pakistan, it enjoys a certain strategic importance.

The city is also secure, which is why Islamabad plots, Islamabad homes and Islamabad apartments are sought after among home buyers.

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