Top 10 Locations to buy properties in Murree

Top 10 Locations to Buy Properties in Murree Top 10 locations to buy properties in Murree. Do you need some inspiration to buy your next house / flat / plot in Murree hills? Plan the ultimate buying guide at these Top 10 locations in Murree. Find top 10 locations to buy property in Murree. 10)   PATRIATA (NEW MURREE) A view of autumn in Patriata, Murree, Pakistan Patriata also...

Valley View Residency

 Valley view  Residency – Your haven town in Murree Valley View Residency is a dream to have property in Murree wherever you’ll be able to sooner or later build your dwelling house and pay a little away from town, the high rates of land in this noted hill resort might leave you thwarted. not withstanding that wasn’t a problem a few years ago, the present ban on construction in Murree could have...

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