Top 10 Locations to buy properties in Murree

Top 10 Locations to Buy Properties in Murree

Top 10 locations to buy properties in Murree. Do you need some inspiration to buy your next house / flat / plot in Murree hills? Plan the ultimate buying guide at these Top 10 locations in Murree. Find top 10 locations to buy property in Murree.


A view of autumn in Patriata, Murree, Pakistan

Patriata also known as New Murree is a hill station in northern Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) south-east of Murree hill. Patriata is located in Murree Tehsil which is a subdivision of Rawalpindi District. It is the highest point in the area and the hills stand 7,500 feet (2,300 m) above sea level.

Buying property is quite easy in Patriata as its not over crowded by investors or property  buyers .Prices are steady and built house still fetch  the price at 10% a year rise. Partiata has a lot of green areas offering excellent views and open spaces. Partiata chair lift and just close to the Murree expressway makes it hot among the buyers from Lahore and Karachi.




Bhurban has always been very famous among visitors to Murree. A lot of Murree travelers ended up buying house or flats in Bhurban in early 90’s and 2000.Now the land prices in Bhurban is quite high.Roads access and approach make Bhurban a very good location for people going to the north of Pakistan.

Bhurban also has the famous and only five start hotel in Murree Pearl Continental Murree. PC has been serving the top notch customers since 1990’s and still its going strong and attracting a lot of visitors every year.



Lawrence college road is a very pleasant area located on the top of Murree hills.Next to the Famous Lawrence College Murree the road offers wonderful views of Kashmir valley and Islamabad.A fully carpeted road equipped with gas and electricity it has made life easier for the buyers in the region. Ihatta Nur Khan and Numbal are parts of this area   where the land is slightly cheaper compare to on main road.


Ghika Gali has excellent weather in summers.It offers views to  both sides of Murree from north to south. Ghika Gali also serves as a hub between all areas of Murree, as the connecting road  at the chowk connects GT road Murree expressway.Properties and plots in Ghika gali are rising steadily but investors are moving to the quieter areas of Ghika Gali as the main road areas are quite busy now a days.




Gharial Camp situated in dense forest of Murree. Offering  plenty of green forest and cool weather always have been a top choice among the visitors of Murree. Ghairal Camp  has a contemporary church and an old English boarding school since the time of British raj in India and Pakistan region. Not too many properties are offered for sale in Gharial as it has less properties and plots offered for sale due to strict forest and cantonment restrictions. Prices are quite high and have been  increasing steadily since 1990’s.


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