What is Blue World Economic Zone?

Bluw World Economic Zone (BWEZ)

Blue World Economic Zone is a unique concept launched in Pakistan.As we know the importance and significance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor also known as CPEC.Thus the economic corridor are bound to attract a regional and international trade in Pakistan and Overseas. The global trade and the route of the business have attracted a lot of new developers to build , Town and commercial centres new the New Islamabad Airport.

Blue World City & Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City near new Islamabad Airport  was launched in 2018. The project has gained significance since than. In Islamabad and Rawalpindi investors have rushed to Blue World City in 2018, Thus making Blue World City one of the profitable and reliable project in the twin cities.Hence Blue Group of companies have created a history in their career with a massively successful project which were only delivered by Bahria Town some time ago.

Why Invest In BWEZ ?

Blue world economic zone floor plan
Blue world economic zone floor plan

At the Pre launch this project has been sold as heard and not seen.This proves the trust of the developers and marketing strategy of blue group of companies.Therefore creating an interest of investors from all over Pakistan to invest in a new concept of trade route market with international connections.Such a unique concept was unheard of in Pakistan even till a few years ago, before the launch of CPEC. A clusters of tagged shoping  markets with the categories of stock defining their trade in the international arena.

Benefits and Perks

Benefit and perks for investing in BWEZ are huge. A projected profit as detailed by the company and property guru reveal upto 100% profit in the near future.As a result of interest shown buy the investors in the product, It is bound to grow to an international stature very soon .Hence making it a renowned international trading market in Pakistan.

BWEZ is projected to  offer following benefits in near future

  • Upto 100% ROI in 18 months
  • Rental yields of approx 10%
  • Projected property price increase of uptown 200%
  • A solid investment in Pakistan’s economic hub
  • Well connected trading estate near Islamabad Airport 
  • Joint venture with the foreign 

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